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Learn about where we operate, what we offer, the philosophy behind our company, and who we are.  Nice and simple. 

Where we operate

Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris is based in Windhoek, NamibiaWindhoek is the capital city of Namibia, and, with the main international airport nearby, the logical start-point for a Namibian tour.  We conduct our tours throughout the country.  Swakopmund, Etosha, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon, Twyfelfontein, up to the Caprivi Strip … all over. 

Wildlife gather at a water point on Etosha's vast salt pan

We've put together a page about Namibia so that you can learn more about what there is to experience in this fascinating African country. 

What we do .

Our main focus is guided safaris through Namibia. 

We're launching with a small selection of regular tours, but we sometimes organize special once off safaris.  If you're interested in knowing what interesting things we're up to, we encourage you to sign up for our email list

We aim for a tour group size of anywhere between two and ten, but we're not limited to that. 

We also prepare tailor made tours and self-drive safaris around Namibia. 

For more information, see our tours page. 

Our Philosophy .

Our mission at Frantic Naturalist is to create fascinating nature experiences. 

We've been involved in tourism for a long time.  During most of our time in tourism, we've been guiding.  In many industries it's rather tricky or expensive to get feedback from ones clients, but not in ours - guides spend many, many hours in very close contact with clients. 

Despite this fact, very few companies develop their products by listening to their guides. 

For us, using our knowledge base is the key to developing our tours.  Our knowledge of the country, Namibia, spans many years.  A big key is learning from the guests that we've interacted with.  We love hearing people's safari stories, and learn from every one.  Going forward this will remain important to how we adapt and develop our products. 

The second component to our philosophy is focus.  Our interest is in really nature focused safaris and on adventure tours.  So we focus our tours very specifically on those types of experiences. 

We love sharing our knowledge and passion.  We do so on our tours and also on our blog.  We'd love it if you'd check out the blog (and subscribe if you're interested). 

We run from special interest trips like desert ecology and birding through to adventure experiences like hiking rugged trails. Our focus is always on the experience! 

Third, we want to run tours that are professional in every aspect.  This means good preparation, good vehicles, good equipment, great guides and a solid back-up team. 

Professional Namibia trips, focused on nature and developed according to what we believe our guests love - that's us in a nutshell. 

Aside from those core ideas, there is another aspect that we feel is important.  We believe nature conservation and education is important for Namibia and that we have a responsibility to give back. 

As we grow, this aspect will grow as well.  But from the get-go we'd like to support one organization that we feel is working in both conservation and education, NaDEET

Who we are .

There's a little history in here, so that you can understand where we come from. 

Frantic Naturalist Tours and Safaris is owned by Vernon (Twitter @Namibnat) and Esmerelda Swanepoel.  We have many years experience in a range of different tourist activities in Namibia. 

Vernon grew up in the dry northern parts of Kenya (in the middle of nowhere).  After studying Nature Conservation in South Africa he moved to Namibia in the late nineties to start working as a tour guide. 

From there he guided camping and accommodated tours through the country, did day tours in Swakopmund, worked as the operations assistant for tours, assisted with guided experiences with incentive groups.  Then he worked as a lodge guide, managed the guiding team and doing guide recruitment and training, worked as an operation manager for a tour operation, a lodge assistant manager, and managed an office in Windhoek for a large tour operator. 

Vernon is passionate about nature.  He’s into birding and developing a keen interest in photography.

Esmerelda has done reservations and tour consulting, lodge management, worked with incentive groups and many admin responsibilities.  Esmerelda also has many years experience in small business management. 

We work with various freelance quality tour guides.  For specialist tours we also work with various specialists in different fields. 

If you've got any questions, please contact us.  For more of what we're up to, visit our facebook page

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