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Namibia's Tourism and Wildlife Concessions

Protection of land is one of our planets most critical needs right now.  Traditionally land protection is a role of governments.  But in Namibia there is key player in land protection. 

Namibia's community conservation allow land in the hands of communities to be utilized as conservation areas.  Set aside not in the old way, not moving people out. 

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Some Observations About Observation

Human senses are central to our being.  Observations can be viewed as a subset of our senses.  Observations are deliberate. 

As a naturalist, observing nature is the skill  As a nature guide, the skill of observing has fascinated me for years. 

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A Video To Give You A Taste Of Namibia

This video was done by a friend of mine a few years ago.  Hopefully it gives you a sense of what Namibia is about. 

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Scorpions, Interesting Creatures Of Namibian Deserts

Scorpions are common in Namibia.  To many, scorpions are cliche desert creatures.  And Namibia is desert country. 

Scorpions survive in a variety of conditions and occur in most habitats worldwide.  They can survive a huge variation in temperatures, from freezing to over 50°C. 

A scorpion in Namibia

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Eco Awards Namibia, An Interview

Hazel at a trade show

Image  Hazel [left] at a show. Image copyright © Hazel Milne

I recently chatted with Hazel Milne of Eco Awards Namibia.  Below is a quick interview with her about her work. 

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Namibia's Desert Elephants, Their Struggles and Their Guardians

Desert Elephants are a Namibian treasure.  Namibia's north-west is an amazing bit of country with vast and dramatic deserts. 

Despite being desert, these regions are home to many of Africa's high profile large mammals.  Giraffe, black rhino, leopards, lions and of course, the famous desert elephants. 

In this post we'll chat about these elephants, what they are, how they live and the challenges they face. 

Namibia's desert elephants in the shade of the Hoanib River, northern Kunene Region

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Frantic Naturalist, Our Most Interesting Tour

Frantic Naturalist Tours, was a registered company for a while now, but, for much of that time I was working for a big safari operator.  But at the start of 2013 myself and a few others started the company up.  And the big idea was to do interesting stuff. 

When you set out to do amazing things, well, quite often you'll do just that. 

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