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Windhoek is Namibia's capital city, located smack bang in the middle of the country.  On this page we'll tell you some of what there is to do in Windhoek, as well as describing some of the services we offer. 

African Elephant, Namibia
A desert elephant bull

Hosea Kutako International Airport, otherwise known as Windhoek international, is the main international airport.  The airport is located a good distance (over 40 kilometers) outside of Windhoek itself. 

We offer the following services at Hosea Kutako International Airport:

  • Self Drive Meet and Greets.  For those who are traveling around Namibia on their own, we offer a self-drive meet and greet.  We charge 100.00 USD per group, up to four people.  If you would like to do a self-drive safari but haven't booked one yet, we'd love to help you do that. 
  • Luggage Storage.  There are no luggage storage facilities at the airport, and so, to fill this gap, we offer a luggage storage service.  Speak to us regarding rates and options. 

Eros Airport is located in Windhoek, and is often used for domestic flights.  If you're doing a fly-around trip in Namibia, you may well be flying from Eros. 

Windhoek's Town is clean and attractive.  There are a few points of interest, and we offer various city tours depending on your interests.  If you're planning to spend time in Windhoek and would like to see the town and its attractions, contact us to arrange a city tour to suit you

Avis DamAvis Dam is situated on the eastern outskirts of Windhoek.  This little dam is a common place for locals to go for an outing, and it is used by dog walkers, fishermen and birders. 

For the birder visiting Namibia a short outing to the dam is a nice gentle way to get started with Namibia's birds.  From time to time Osprey can be seen here and the African Fish Eagle is a regular.  Of interest to the keen birder, one of Namibia's specials, the Rockrunner, can be found here. 

We offer a short birding outing to Avis Dam for 30 USD per person for groups up to four people

Daan Viljoen Game Reserve This small reserve is situated just west of Windhoek.  There is a variety of wildlife in the reserve, as well as some good birding opportunities. 

We offer excursions to Daan Viljoen, especially for the keen birder (though that certainly isn't a prerequisite).  A normal trip to Daan Viljoen would include some walking and a bit of a game drive. 

For those with an interest in geology, there is a fantastic museum at the geological survey building.  We offer excursions to there for those with an interest in geology, either as a simple transfer to there or as part of a city tour. 

Some points of interest in Windhoek

  • The craft center in the middle of town is a good place to stock up on curios.  There is a diamond merchant there as well, if you're looking for some of Namibia's famous stones. 
  • A good display of some of the meteorites from the Gibeon Meteorite Shower can be found right near the middle of town. 
  • The Christuskirche is a beautiful church overlooking the main part of Windhoek. 
  • The Alte Feste, the old German fort, is also the main museum. 

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